• Tony Gairo

    Performer – Saxophones, Flute & Clarinet.

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Tony Gairo

Anthony Gairo maintains an active schedule as a composer, performer, and educator of jazz, the saxophones, flutes, and clarinets, jazz composition, arranging, theory and analysis, and jazz history. Voted the 2004 Jazz Musician of the Year – Lehigh Valley (PA) by Pulseweekly Magazine, he is the leader of the Tony Gairo Band, an 11-piece jazz ensemble whose “book” consists mostly of his compositions and arrangements with monthly performances at Chris’ Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia and the Tony Gairo Big Band, a 17-piece modern jazz orchestra whose repertoire consists entirely of his original compositions. Read more…


This Semester’s Concert

college bandReally looking forward to The Quintet I coach at Moravian College this spring. They’ll be swinging to tunes composed by the best in the biz.

This group will feature: Joe, Lisa, Pat, Bjork and Raphael.

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Stay tuned for details.


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